Why do businesses have leaflets delivered?


LDS Video 1 from Flok Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

It’s simple, leaflets still work. If you put the right message on your leaflet and get it delivered to the right areas, you will receive the responses and results that you want.

That’s not the only reason. With a leaflet, you can get much more detail into your advert. For example, in the video, this leaflet displays 8 pages of information. Provided that this leaflet gets picked up from the doormat, in other words, targeting the right people in the right area, they will read every single word of it. 

There’s a lot more information displayed on a leaflet compared to other ways of advertising. For example, a banner advert can only fit a certain amount of content.

Another reason why businesses get leaflets delivered is opportunism. In the video, the takeaway leaflet is a great example. This may fall onto someones doorstep and it may be the case that they are thinking about what to eat that night. The leaflet can help them make that decision.

More often, we deliver leaflets for pubs. It may be a country pub that you’ve completely forgotten about. However, the leaflet reminds you that it exists and might make you think “I’ll go and try that out”.

Finally, there are many people who live their lives offline, particularly the elderly and people who do not use technology as much as others. Often, the only way to get through to them is with a leaflet campaign using the best leaflet delivery service near me.


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