How we work

The LDS way

What we do and how we do it

LDS delivers leaflets through residential letterboxes. We’ve been doing this successfully in the Cambridge area since 2000. LDS operates so that you get the results you want for your business. We work with you on the practicalities in terms of your leaflet content and design and which areas to target and how often.

We supervise our workforce and track our deliverers by satellite. We do this to reassure our customers that their leaflets get delivered.

LDS backs this up with the following guarantee:

Should your leaflets turn up anywhere untoward, such as a skip, or a wheelie bin, or floating down a river, we will pay for a re-print and pay a competitor of your choice to deliver them.*

To ensure that you get the best possible results from a leaflet drop LDS has a three step process.

Step 1 We get to know you and exactly what you are trying to achieve from your drop.
Step 2 We advise on the best areas and quantities for your needs.
Step 3 We get the job done.

To learn more about how to get the best results possible from a leaflet campaign see the How to section or go to the Book now section to make an appointment for a leaflet surgery!

*LDS must be informed immediately in the event of a complaint that the leaflets have turned up somewhere untoward. This is so that LDS can collect leaflets and investigate. If we cannot collect the leaflets the guarantee is invalid. The guarantee applies to the leaflets being delivered that day and not the whole campaign; in other words, if we are delivering 2,000 leaflets on that day the guarantee covers the 2,000 not the 100,000 you may have ordered.


Let's make your campaign a success.