Our Feedback
I want to thank you and your team for the great job that you have done in helping us to increase our brand awareness in the area by delivering our leaflets. You helped us to identify out targeting customers area, narrow down a choice of leaflet designs. We are delighted with overall service you provided to us which was great value for money and I would happily recommend LDS who need leaflet delivery service. Thank you again.
Marius Riabovas
We have used LDS' service several times - for our clients. LDS' real-time satellite tracking facility is a God-send when it comes to showing my clients the status of a leaflet drop. The LDS leaflet surgery and suggestions have been invaluable to rinse every opportunity out of leaflet distribution. LDS is highly recommended.
Paul Hogden
Mark Goldsack
I have used LDS for Leaflet deliver and the physical posting of leaflet is just a small part of there service. The operatives are satellite tracked, once LDS has consulted with you on what makes an excellent leaflet and why. As a result of his services I have secured considerable additional business and in fact hold a number of leaflets with LDS on a ready to go basis. LDS does exactly what it says, and much more. I highly commend LDS and thank them for their support.
Concept Cambridge
Zion Landscapes
This leaflets delivery is the absolute business!!! I had four enquiries at the start of the week all on the same road in saffron. All were viewed on Wednesday afternoon. And all will be priced this evening. Chuffin awesome!! My esteemed estimator for the soft landscaping side has gone on holiday for two weeks today. So I would like to hold for two weeks on the delivery of leaflets for two weeks. Please continue with this wonderful works that is growing my business very nicely in two weeks time.
Ben Creasy
Goddens Carpets and Furnishings
We recently asked James and LDS to deliver leaflets around Cambridge and Ely areas and asked advice on the best way to proceed. Not only did James advise me of where the best areas to trial in Cambridge would be, repetition of delivery, strategy and how to monitor the success rate but also gave me tips on how to design the layout of the leaflet and showed me examples of the most successful kind of leaflets that have brought the most business. Thank you for all your help and advice. I am happy to report that the deliveries are showing early signs of success.
Quinlivan Plumbing and Heating
A business consultant made me realise that I was running around all over the country chasing work when there was plenty of work on my door step. But how to get it was the question? One idea was a local leaflet drop. I spoke to LDS and followed all their advise. The first drop got me 10 enquiries so far, one of those enquiries has turned into a job worth £4000. Well worth doing!
John Quinlivan
Sterling Plants and Gardens
LDS advised us on a very specific small campaign aimed at targeting a specific area that we wanted to work in. They advised on the content of our leaflet and liaised with the designer, returning their designs with changes many times until they were happy that the leaflet would have the desired effect. The leaflets went out. I know they went out for two reasons 1. I checked up on them and 2, the phone started ringing. So far we have booked 5 new high value jobs, all within a mile of each other.
Dan Lee
The Business Machines Company
I just wanted to offer LDS a testimonial for their work recently when we sat down and designed a leaflet campaign for TBM. I wasn't aware how much hard work and effort you put in to making sure we get maximum return on investment. You advice given from choosing the correct locations, leaflet content, delivery timetable and expected returns was simply amazing. I will have no hesitation recommending LDS services to any of my friends, family or contacts in the future. Thanks again.
Martyn Hazelwood
L & S Landscapes
LDS have been delivering our leaflets since 2003. As a result we have had a consistent flow of enquiries. We forgot to re-order more leaflets when the last lot of 100,000 ran out. This means LDS haven't been delivering for about a month. And now the phones have been dead as a door nail for a couple of weeks. We can't get LDS back on the case and out there delivering leaflets soon enough!!
Ben Moore
Time 4 U
I have used LDS for over 5 years now. The service is always very professional and gets results.
Jo Morgan
Three Tuns Great Abington
We have been using LDS for the last 10 years and have always found LDS very efficient and effective, distributing our takeaway menus has been a great success for us.
Chris & Karen Adomeit
Re:treat Hair & Beauty
At re:treat we do both hair and beauty. The hair salon had considerable success with a recent leaflet drop in the local villages. As a result I decided to do one for the beauty room. I had some great results and will now do on a regular basis.
Ian Toombs
Cambridge Rugby Club
Every time LDS did a leaflet promotion to generate interest in home games, we noticed a significant increase in ticket sales. When we added a special offer to the leaflet the results we even better. LDS are an essential local resource for Cambridge Rugby club.
Alan Croft
Farbon Property Services
LDS helped to design an appropriate leaflet, advised on the most suitable areas to advertise and simply made the phone ring. They developed a strategy for our leaflet marketing and now we are reaping the rewards. Thank you LDS.
Ian Farbon
Cambridge Outdoor Living Ltd
We have used lids over the last couple of years, each campaign has been run successfully. James is always available to discuss any improvements that we could make for future campaigns. We wholeheartedly recommend them.
Nick Ward
Elite swim Academy
We had used leaflet delivery companies in the past, but found the results very disappointing. Despite this we thought we'd give LDS a try. LDS delivered leaflets in Newmarket and Burwell, and the campaign paid for itself.
Ed Williams
The Rubber Roofing Company
We are very proud to be associated with the staff at LDS. Quite simply they are a valuable part of our Marketing strategy providing reliable and consistent results. We would not hesitate in recommending them (as long as it wasn't to a competitor!!!)
Chris Whitehall
Active Lives
I first used LDS when I started my freelance personal training business. At first I just wanted someone to deliver my leaflets & flyers because I needed to save myself time and wanted to get the business off the ground quickly. But what I found was even more valuable, their expert knowledge and judgment! LDS was fantastic! He gave me sound advice on effective leaflet distribution that just never occurred to me, resulting in saving me a lot of time and money. This service was excellent, above and beyond expectation and streets ahead of their competitors. I will continue to use LDS as they are simply the best at what they do!
Matt Linley
Minuteman Press Cambridge
As a busy Cambridge printer I often get requests from customers to assist in providing a local leaflet distribution service. Minuteman Press only recommends LDS. LDS provide an efficient service, advice to our clients about the most effective solution to maximize their return on this investment. Through this we have gained many repeat orders as our clients have seen the benefit of using an intelligent, local and reliable distributor. I that not enough- take a look at his guarantee!
Denis Martin
Radcliff & Rust
I have used LDS to deliver leaflets since my business opened in Sept 2011. The response has picked up in this quarter. Although it takes time for income to come in with estate agency, the valuations and instructions pipeline building up off the back of these leaflets will more than pay for their print and delivery. Simply, they are efficient and do what they say they will. Recommend to anyone.
David Radcliff
Greens Health & Fitness
I have called on LDS at the last minute on quite a few occasions and they have always helped me out. They are professional and always get the leaflets out on time.
Mel Letton
Bradshaw's Estate Agents
These people really do deliver. We use LDS regularly and have never had cause for complaint. They have been very accommodating on a couple of 'awkward' jobs at short notice and are generally very straightforward to deal with. They are local and you deal direct with the boss. What's not to like?
Andrew Bradshaw
Bella Casa
I have been using LDS services since 2002 and can honestly say it is "simply the best" leaflet distribution company I have used. 
Barry Turpin
Kids Unlimited
We have been using LDS for a couple of years and every time we received an excellent service. LDS recommend us the most suitable area, always call after the drop to get feedback on how our event went and if we generated any response and recommended us an excellent local printer. Because we have 63 nurseries across the UK, I have been using several leaflet companies in different counties and can honestly say that LDS is the best I ever came across. I can totally trust them to do the job.
Marketa Cordon
Business Consultant
I have known LDS for over 10 years now since LDS was in its infancy. I became a client for 5 years and had leaflets dropped by LDS every week during that time. The leaflets consistently generated enquiries and business. They only every turned up in those areas where my client demographic could be found. It was an essential and key part of my new business marketing. Since selling that business and establishing the consultancy I have referred LDS to a number of clients. LDS has always followed up meticulously and is bringing them the same results too.
Tim Gale
Re:treat Hair & Beauty
I opened my new business on the outskirts of Cambridge two years ago. When we looked though our accounts accessing the money we had spent on all type of advertising I was pleasantly surprised to discover that leaflet delivery was by far the most effective. Looking at the money received it was 60% more effective than the other forms of advertising we used. I believe that this was down to the service we received from LDS. As well as delivering the leaflets in a specific area they also gave great advice on the design of the leaflet. Thus optimizing the success rate of the leaflet delivered.
Ian Toombs
LDS is the only one that I know of that provide so much information and advice on how best to design the leaflet, and set up a delivery marketing strategy. Great value for all the package provides!
Thierry Clerc
Green Heat Ltd
We engaged LDS's expertise at an early stage of marketing for an event to publicize climate week. As a carbon conscious company we were concerned to produce the perfect amount of leaflets and be wary their distribution was carried out in an environmentally friendly way. LDS's impact on design and print ensured we produced the perfect amount of high quality leaflets. The event was a success; business is still being counted and booked up.
Robin Thom
I asked LDS to deliver my leaflets in Bar Hill. I was working in Bar Hill and was keen to see what would happen. The very next day, my flyer was delivered to the house where I was working, the leaflet was delivered in perfect condition, crisp and clean. I phoned James to tell him, he asked me what time it was delivered, claiming he could tell me where I was working! "60 seconds ago" I said, after a couple of seconds James told me I was working in Pheasant Rise, he was correct. By using technology, LDS know exactly where their employees are delivering your leaflets at any given moment.
Jim Edwards
Sterling Plants and Gardens
Prior to using LDS I had the deep rooted attitude that "marketing" didn't work, and as a tradesman, all I needed was "word of mouth". After a refreshingly honest and realistic initial meeting I took a leap of faith and began to use LDS. 6 months down the line I can now see the benefits. To Daye, Sterling plants and gardens have invested £1100 with LDS. Our return on investment is to date £17500. That's a 16 fold return.
Dan Lee
Many Hands Ltd
We took advice about the best ideas for the design and content and its effect has been staggering. Within an hour of the leaflet drop commencing we had our first telephone enquiry. During that day we received 5 further enquiries and by the end of the week we had 15 or so genuine valuable contacts.
Alan Croft
A couple of weeks prior to using LDS we had placed an advert in the local paper advertising a customer service vacancy at Factotum Ltd. The advert had cost in the region £750 and only returned three responses, of which none of the candidates were suitable; in fact we didn't even interview any of the three! Someone suggested we did a leaflet drop in the local area in the hope of soliciting a better response. We were particularly impressed with the way that LDS took the time to understand our requirements, assisted in my leaflet design and then matched these to the demographic area to ensure the best possible return. For your information we had TWELVE responses of which four people were interviewed and one of which has since started work. Four times the response at a fraction of the cost. Thank you again for your help.
Graham Abbey

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