The Tale of King James: Part 4 – Unrealistic Expectations


We’ve reached the last part of the story of King James I attempting to get everyone to stop smoking through a leaflet campaign. 

A few days after King James’ leaflets had gone out, he could see that people were still smoking – he was very disappointed. Even if the King had got his leaflets stop on and targeted to the right areas, not everyone would have responded immediately. Some people would have seen the leaflet and thought “he’s absolutely right – I’ll give up immediately”. However, may more people would have seen the leaflet and thought “he’s right – I’ll give up smoking…soon…”.

Episode 4 from Flok Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

For those people that wanted to give up smoking, but didn’t want to act immediately, they would have put the leaflet down somewhere and forgotten about it. Unless, something reminded them that they did want to give up smoking. If they would have seen the leaflet for a second time, it would have reminded them.

So lets say King James delivered 1,000 leaflets – and 3 people responded immediately. Lets say he then went back and delivered those same 1,000 leaflets again in the same areas around 5 weeks later. That time, he would have probably got about 6 people respond, the third time around 9 and so on. Every time he did it, he would expect to have an increase in responses.

Thanks for reading the tale about King James – we hope it has made you think about leaflet delivery and how you could increase your response rate.


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