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The Tale of King James: Part 3 – Targeting

In previous posts, I’ve been telling the tale of the first ever documented door-to-door leaflet campaign – King James I anti-smoking campaign. Unfortunately, it was doomed from the start – his leaflet was unappealing and cluttered. But, the second biggest mistake he made was in targeting.

He delivered to every single home in London. However, smoking was very expensive and therefore was the pastime of the nobility and the well-healed. All he really needed to do, was to deliver to the slightly better off areas.

Episode 3 from Flok Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

For the money King James spent trying to get his leaflet delivered to all 500,000 letterboxes in London, he could have had the 10,000 or so more affluent areas delivered to repeatedly. Until they got the message “King Says Quit!”.

In the next post, we discuss the Kings’ last mistake – unrealistic expectations.