3 tips for selecting a leaflet delivery company.

3 Tips For Selecting A Leaflet Delivery Company from Flok Digital Marketing on Vimeo.

How do I know my leaflets are going to be delivered and not just chucked into the bin? That’s a great question. When we meet clients for the first time, if they don’t come out and openly ask that question, they’re certainly thinking it. 

Here are my three tips for establishing whether a leaflet delivery business is good or bad for your business:

  1. What Guarantees Do They Offer?

Here at LDS, should your leaflets turn up anywhere untoward, such as a wheelie bin, skip or floating down a river, we will pay for a reprint as well as a competitor of your choice to go and deliver them. 

  1. Does The Leaflet Delivery Business Use Satellite Tracking?

Common questions are ‘do they track every single delivery?’ and ‘is a satellite tracking report available to me?’. Our video shows an example of a satellite tracking report. The blue line is a snail trail of where the deliverer has been. In this case, the driveways are quite long and you can actually see them going up and down the drive. 

Satellite tracking devices vary in accuracy. But the key thing is, do they track every single delivery and do the deliverers know they’re being tracked and being watched?

  1. Can They Supply Glowing Testimonials And References?

Finally, the leaflet delivery business should be able to give you some references, some existing clients – clients that have used them that you can follow up with and ask what the service was like. You can also look on their website – there’s almost certainly going to be some testimonials.

So that’s it, 3 things you can do to ensure you choose the right leaflet delivery business.


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