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Can we put one business on one side and a different business on the other and come out on top?

A client came to us recently with “a brilliant, money saving idea”. The client is a Landscape Gardener, and he had a friend who is an electrician. They both want more business. So his idea was this; print a double sided leaflet with all his offerings on one side and his good buddy, the electrician on the other. “Can we do this and share the cost?” he said. Well you can. However, whilst you will half the cost you could very well half the responses, or worse.

Door drop leaflets are put through all shapes and sizes of letterboxes. There is no standard position on the door, so some letterboxes are in the middle of the door, some at the bottom, some are sideways, others have a box to catch the post, some have a dog behind them, and one letterbox in Cambridge has a helpful Parrot who collects the leaflets as they go though. All this means we have no idea which way up the leaflet will fall.

Why is this important to be aware of? Should the example we are talking about fall Landscape gardener side up and the person collecting the leaflet isn’t interested in a landscape gardener at that moment, they will assume “this leaflet is about landscape gardening and therefore not of interest to me”. They might be desperate for an electrician, but it’s too late the leaflet will have bee discarded.

It all depends on which way up the leaflets falls.

If the leaflet falls 50/50 so half landscape gardener and half electrician, you half your costs but half your responses. But………  What if the leaflets falls 60% landscape gardener and 40% Electrician? The Electrician will be getting less responses per spend. The landscape Gardener will be quids in, but the electrician won’t want to do it again.

So we advised against the plan.